Simply Self Storage

Terms & Conditions of Van Hire

Hirers are requested to read these carefully before signing the agreement. You must read and accept these Terms and Conditions before booking.

The Driver

You must be between the ages of 25 - 75 years, a regular driver and in good health.


Your driving license must be produced each and every time you hire a vehicle from us. In addition, we must hold one further means of identification. Our rental staff reserves the right to refuse your rental if you do not produce your driving license, or for any other reason.

Driving Licence

A current driving license (held for a minimum of 24 months) must be produced prior to hire. Failure to produce your license means we are unable to hire vehicles out to you. Drivers holding the new photocard driving licence MUST produce both the card and the paper counterpart detailing driver history. For more details call the DVLA in Swansea on 0870 240 0009. Drivers with foreign driving licences must present their own national license plus an International Driving Licence.

Foreign residents in the U.K. may drive on their non-U.K driving licenses for up to one year from commencement of residency. A Passport is required for proof of entry date.


Your driving licence must be endorsement-free and you must have no pending motoring offences. Please note however, that certain endorsements are subject to individual acceptance and some minor endorsements will not render you exempt from having a vehicle with us.


Certain minor driving accidents within the past three years are acceptable.

Parking Fines & Traffic Penalties

All parking fines and traffic penalties are the responsibility of the Hirer.

Tyres and Punctures

You are responsible for the repair of all punctures whilst the vehicle is rented to you.

Collision Damage Insurance

Although your hire costs include comprehensive insurance an excess applies to all claims or damage to the vehicle. This excess is your responsibility as the Hirer. The Hirer is responsible for the first £500.00

Please note that the Collision Damage Insurance does NOT cover your liability for the full cost of repairing or replacing tyres, wheels, wheel trims, wing mirrors, keys, immobilisers, cigar or cigarette burns or any other damage to the interior of vehicles in your possession.

Hiring Period

This is calculated on a 5-hour basis. Rental times may be adjusted to suit individual hirers' requirements subject to vehicle availability.

Returning The Rental Vehicle

The vehicle must be returned to the facility during opening hours. Simply Self Storage will not accept responsibility for vehicles damaged or stolen from outside their premises if dropped-off after hours.

Late Returns

The late return of rental vehicles will be charged at 50% of the renter’s daily charge (£36.00).


Rates include VAT and comprehensive insurance whilst being driven by the Hirer. Additional drivers can be included by arrangement.


Payment for full hire must be made at the commencement of hire. You are required to leave details of your credit/debit card.


Hirers pay for all fuel used whilst on hire. Our rental staff will note on a pre-rental check the reading of the fuel gauge. You are requested to return the vehicle with the same amount of fuel as you commenced the rental. A re-fuelling charge will be made if it is necessary to bring the level of fuel up to where it was when you took the vehicle plus a handling fee of £15 sterling.


If you need help with removals, speak to our self storage centre team who can help you with a contact list of local companies who will be happy to help. Simply Self Storage does not recommend or endorse any removal company